Uroclub Portable Urinal Funny Gag Gift for Men – Guaranteed to Keep You Out of The Woods – Golf Novelty Gifts

Amazon.com Price: $39.99 (as of 08/04/2023 23:01 PST- Details)

When nature calls, you’ve got to answer. Even if you’re on the golf course. That’s where the Tinkle Club Portable Golf Urinal comes in. As seen on Shark Tank,  the urinal disguised as a golf club lets you relieve yourself discreetly; even in the middle of a golf game. It looks like a standard 7-iron and comes with a privacy towel. Makes a hilarious gag gift… yet also comes in handy when you feel that urge to pee. (Especially if you’ve had a few beers!)


It takes a lot of balls to golf like I do.

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