Subtle Butt Reusable Gas Neutralizers: 5 Activated Carbon Charcoal Fart Pads (April Fools Gag Gift) Price: $19.99 (as of 08/04/2023 23:00 PST- Details)

Cutting the cheese? Breaking wind? The Solution is Subtle Butt Reusable Gas Neutralizers. Does your loved one have smelly gas? Is the passenger in 12C stinking up the plane with his altitooties? Is the dog getting a lot of blame? Take the bad part out of the fart with Subtle Butt fart pads. Combining activated carbon, fabric, and adhesive these are the most effective fart pad on the market. Each pack of 5 Subtle Butt fart pads effectively filters the odor caused by flatulence. Simply stick one in the right place and you’re ready for a chili cook-off or an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet.

That awkward moment when you think a fart is going to be silent and it comes out like a machine gun.

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