Bunsters Shit The Bed 12/10 Heat Hot Sauce – Chili Pepper Sauce with Aussie Fruit and Veg – Plant Based, GMO, and Gluten…

Amazon.com Price: $14.90 (as of 09/04/2023 23:02 PST- Details)

If you love the flavor of a Sriracha style sauce, prepare to be blown away by this. The flavor is off the chart! Shit the Bed Hot Sauce is full of veggies and it’s GMO-Free, Gluten Free, processed sugar-free, preservative and additive free and vegan safe. The addition of Scorpion chilies and a funny name (that was only meant to be a one-off joke) cemented it as a crowd favorite. Hot sauce enthusiasts the world over, who’d been searching for the perfect mix of flavor and heat were won over by Shit the Bed.


If you take relationship advice from a Taco Bell hot sauce packet, congratulations, you've hit rock bottom.

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