Punchline Pet Redneck Soft Nylon Adjustable Red Dog Collar with Plastic Buckle

Amazon.com Price: $5.34 (as of 12/04/2021 20:28 PST- Details)

Is your dog full of prideful ignorance? Does he walk around with his head held high and doesn’t care one bit what other dogs think of him – especially those city folk? Does he love to ride around in the back of your pick-up truck and howl at the wind? Is he fun, friendly and only cares about playing, eating and listening to country music? Then it sounds like you have yourself a redneck dog! Give your dog the ultimate red neck style with this funny Redneck Dog Collar. Makes a funny statement gift for any pet lover!

You know you're a redneck when you take your dog for a walk and you both use the same tree.

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