Rasta Imposta Oreo Couples Adult Costume

Amazon.com Price: $44.45 (as of 07/08/2022 10:45 PST- Details)

Do you two finish each other’s. . . sandwiches? If you’re looking for an edible take on the classic couples costume, then this Oreo Couples Costume won’t disappoint. In this adorable dream team, costume the only thing the two of you will have to argue about is who gets to wear the creamy side. You can always solve the dispute with an Oreo, if the cream comes off on the left side you get to be the creamy side and visa-versa. Even if you end up dressed as the cream free chocolate cookie, this Oreo costume is sure to make your Halloween night as sweet as can be.

It's cute that they sell family boxes of Oreos thinking people are actually going to share them with their family.

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