Gears Out Love Stinks Fart Relief Mask – Fart Gifts– Funny Gifts for Women – Funny Bridal Shower Gifts – Oxygen Mask Gag… Price: $8.95 (as of 07/08/2022 10:44 PST- Details)

Finally- Protection from the Deadly Dutch Oven. If there is one sick and twisted maneuver that turns stomachs and brings nightmares, then it’s the deadly Dutch oven. When a person farts in bed and then traps you under the covers, you cry and beg, as the stench fills your nostrils. With the Love Stinks Fart Relief Mask, you can stay under the covers and let the deadly fog pass you by. We do recommend keeping your eyes closed though, as there’s no escaping the possible tears when the stench hits your peepers. Stay safe with the Love Stinks Fart Relief Mask. Simply connect your emergency fart mask to any oxygen tank you may have on hand and BOOM! Instant relief!

Nothing says I love you like a Dutch oven.

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