How to Poo at Work Price: $25.91 (as of 07/08/2022 10:45 PST- Details)

Don’t let number 2 stop you from being number 1 on the job. Face the facts. You poop every day-more or less-but making a misstep when you’ve got to go at the office could land you in some serious doo-doo. This How to Poo at Work Book is the ultimate guide to handling a range of potentially awkward situations, including what to do when:

1. The boss is in the next stall

2. The toilet gets clogged

3. A colleague follows you into the bathroom

4. There’s no toilet paper

Flush with useful diagrams, this handy book can save your career from going down the toilet.


I consider "pooping at work while getting paid" to be one of the unspoken parts of our benefits package.

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