Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug, Funny Cup with Middle Finger on the Bottom 14 oz. – by Decodyne

Amazon.com Price: $12.95 (as of 05/08/2020 08:44 PST- Details)

Let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s hard to be pleasant at the office when the workday gets stressful or in the morning at home when you just don’t want to leave for work. You wish you could express your displeasure with those around you, but doing so could get you into trouble. That’s why you need to have the Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug around to tell the world how you really feel! From the side, the Mug tells everyone to “Have a Nice Day,” but when you put the mug to your lips, the bottom sends a different message loud and clear.


Instead of saying have a nice day, I think I'm going to start saying have the day you deserve. You know, let karma sort everything out.

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