Hydr-8 Drink Your Effin Water Blue & Black 32oz Time Marked Water Bottle

Amazon.com Price: $14.99 (as of 29/11/2022 02:02 PST- Details)

Why is it that four glasses of beer are so easy to drink but four glasses of water seem impossible? This Drink Your Effin Water Funny Water Bottle will keep you on track during your busy day. This 32-ounce travel water tracking bottle is just right for you! The water bottle is tall and slim with handle to better fit in treadmill or deep cup holders. It comes with a straw as well as an awesome swivel lid so you can drink through the straw or directly through the spout! To use your travel water bottle with preprinted tracking times, simply fill your water bottle to the top each morning. Drink enough water to meet each time mark as the day progresses. Aim to drink enough water to meet the next time increment measurement on the side of your water bottle.

I just saw someone at the gym put a water bottle in the pringles holder on the treadmill.

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