Suck UK | Cast Iron Bottle Opener | Dinosaur Themed Kitchen Decor | Novelty Bar Accessories & Bar Decor | Home Bar… Price: $34.49 (as of 08/04/2023 22:58 PST- Details)

For roarsome refreshment back from extinction, this cast-iron Dinosaur Bottle Opener bites off bottle tops with ease. Like no other bottle opener, this monstrous utensil will be the center piece of any home bar or the talking point of any party. Why use a boring corkscrew when you could have a giant Dinosaur on your kitchen top ready to precise caps off with its cast-iron teeth? This T-Rex tears the triceraton-tops off your drinks! It’s the perfect gift for thirsty Dinosaur lovers.

I'm kinda glad dinosaurs are extinct because I'm pretty sure I'd try to ride one after a few drinks.

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