Accoutrements Bacon Wallet Price: $21.99 (as of 26/03/2023 21:15 PST- Details)

Now you can really bring home the bacon with this terrifically-tasting Bacon Wallet. This non-greasy money wallet looks like it has been wrapped in bacon, ready to fry. Ironically, it’s suitable for vegetarians as it’s made from faux leather!  It features two billfold pockets, six card pockets and three extra pockets for extra things like receipts, stamps or porking tickets (parking? porking?)That dress worn by Lady Gaga has spawned lots of bacon gifts and this novelty wallet is both practical and funny! So if you’re looking for a sizzling gift for men then why not let them store their crispy notes inside a sandwich of bacon!

Money buys bacon. Bacon makes happiness. Therefore, money DOES buy happiness.

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