1500 Live Ladybugs – Good Bugs – Ladybugs – Guaranteed Live Delivery!

Amazon.com Price: $9.00 (as of 20/01/2021 08:14 PST- Details)

We know what you’re thinking- “I’ve been searching everywhere for a ridiculous amount of ladybugs. I wish there was an easy way to get my hands on them.” Fear no more. Now you can get 1500 Live Ladybugs by clicking a few simple buttons! Ladybugs are general predators that feed on a variety of slow-moving insects including Aphids, Moth eggs, Mites, Scales, Thrips, Leaf Hoppers, Mealybugs, Chinch Bugs, Asparagus Beetle larvae, Whitefly and other slow-moving insects. Ladybugs are a must-have for organic gardening or organic farming. A ladybug eats insects during both the adult and larval stages, so you can buy ladybugs as adults and continue to have live ladybugs eating through other parts of their life cycle as they reproduce.

I didn't choose the bug life, the bug life chose me.

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