Life Hacks for Your Busy Day

Life Hacks for Your Busy Day


Life Hacks for Your Busy Day

Life Hacks for Your Busy Day

Look, our lives are busy. Too tired to do the laundry? Tough it out or wear last year’s Halloween costume to work tomorrow. Grocery store busy? Make time to go or you will be sharing a can of tuna with the cats. There are just never enough hours in the day. A few years back, people started talking about “life hacks”. There was even a (terrible) TV show about it. When we heard about these little “tricks” for saving time and effort to solve some of our daily problems, we dove in head first without a life jacket. To make life easier, we have included some hacks that you can use throughout your day. Some are much simpler than others, but still effective.

We will start out with a little hack that has always worked for us. When setting our alarms to wake up in the morning, we always use the same tone as our ringtone. When you hear your ringtone while you’re sleeping, you tend to wake up quickly to see who’s calling you (or to throw your phone at the wall to get it to shut up so you can go back to sleep). You will likely do the same thing when your alarm goes off. Boom, hacked.

The second may be something your mom did for you as a kid; and as usual, momma knows best. Lay out what you are going to wear the next day before going to bed. This means everything down to the jewelry and undies! No more staring blankly into the sea of clothes for 20 minutes, going back and forth. Commit to what is all laid out and get ‘er done. This is always a huge time-saver for us in the mornings! Boom, hacked.

The next task that always takes way too long in the mornings…breakfast. Workday breakfast always falls under the necessity category. It is not like you are savoring french toast or an omelet in your favorite fuzzy socks. You need something that you can grab quickly and maybe eat in the car with you. Try making breakfast sandwiches ahead of time. A go-to “make in advance” breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage on a bagel or English muffin is a simple, mobile, freezer friendly and delicious option! This breakfast sandwich maker would be perfect for this! If you like to keep breakfast a little more on the healthy side, hack away with some overnight oats made in a mason jar. You can make a different flavor for each day. Eat it on the go with a plastic spoon and screw the lid on when you are finished. Boom, hacked.

Too busy to hit the gym over lunch? No problem, you can sneak in a few reps while on the clock. Strap on some ankle weights while you are jetting around the office. Get your “buns of steel” on while writing up the report. To tone your buttocks, simply squeeze and hold for ten seconds then release. No one will be the wiser. Talk about multi-functioning! Boom, hacked.


Once home, it is time to wind down and get those all-important zzzzz’s. Let’s start by heating up those feet. Some research has shown that people who wear socks to bed, like these amazing ones, fall asleep faster. This may be what’s behind the age-old belief that placing a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed is good for sleep. Another thing you can do, rather than counting sheep, is to picture your favorite place. Picturing an endless beach or a beautiful waterfall tends to distract you from your worrisome thoughts and help you to fall asleep faster. Boom, hacked.

You see? People have been secretly hacking for decades. Socks in bed may not be very sexy, but then again, neither are cold feet! The point is, there are many hacks that fit into every lifestyle. Find the ones that work for you and get to hacking.

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