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Benefits of Pranking

benefits of pranking

The Benefits of Pranking!

Pranks can easily veer from elaborate to simple or just stunningly quirky. For instance, if you are extremely clever and have help you could make all your friend’s pens disappear! The moment they set one down, poof gone! Not a mean prank, but keep it up over a two week period and they will be slowly driven to complete and utter distraction! Only recommended for those of a sly disposition with serious staying power. Marshmallows need not apply.

benefits of pranking

On the other hand, sometimes pranks are a spur of the moment choice when the universe aligns just so. An annoying coworker’s coffee is right there on the counter, mere inches away from the soy sauce or salt. So you quietly add it and saunter nonchalantly back to your office still within earshot of their dismayed squawks.

In many ways, pranks relieve stress and make it clear what everyone is feeling while having a good laugh. As long as it’s not a one-way street, which tips over into hazing, it can be very healthy and helpful. How many of us would be much less cranky if we get to pelt everyone who irritated us with water balloons? A full on planned prank war for everyone involved with nerf guns, water balloons, shaving cream, confetti cannons and yes even mud could make anyone team players. But, then again isn’t being messy is one more way to connect and relax with people?

Targeting a person’s pets peeves can be particularly gratifying. There’s nothing so satisfying as chasing pesky arachnophobic up a tree via pursuing robotic hairy spider. And for instance, temporary spray hair dye is a fast and easy choice provided the proper distraction. And it is perfect revenge on the Barbie’s and Ken’s of this world!

Although it is also entirely funny to take your time and plot the perfect idea. Get a cut out of their most feared monster and hide it in the shower or just inside the bathroom. Position an air horn just under their desk chair to go off. Motion activated silly string and trip wires for glitter are just a few things you can do with enough time. Have you ever gotten a robotic drone, dressed it up as a ghost and chased after people? How about making it the grim reaper, a dementor or Voldemort? Wouldn’t that get people’s attention!

The rule to keep through it all is no permanent harm. Try not to give anyone heart attacks or actually ruin their car. In other words be smart and considerate first. It really ruins it if anyone starts actually freaking out in panic attack ending up hyperventilating on the floor. So be smart, no pranks on people who are too high strung to appreciate your genius. Anything is possible given proper plotting. So do your very best Dr. Evil impersonation and never forget the Evil Overlord’s Rules.

Awesome Prank Ideas

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